Seasonal Beauty Customised Facial - 60min $65
Tailored to your specific needs, this facial will have your skin radiant, refreshed & youthful looking. Whatever the season!
Pick me up Facial - 30min $35
Just need a good cleanse & exfoliation? This is for you
Reveal Peel -45 min $55
An advanced chemical skin peeling system designed to penetrate 
deeper for better results and even colour, revealing skin's natural radiance. This treatment will help smooth uneven skin and greatly enhance the absorption of further active products.

MICRODERMABRASION -60min $70                        

Enjoy the benefits of a professional skin care treatment using clinical grade equipment. The combination of Microdermabrasion followed by Sonophoresis delivers health, radiant skin.
Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, safe & gentle procedure that deeply exfoliates & polishes the skin to stimulate new cell growth. 
Sonophoresis is safe, relaxing $ non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasonic (soundwave) technology that has been clinically proven to significantly increase the depth & rate that treatment products can be absorbed into the skin.
 . Fine Lines & wrinkles
 . Acne, blackheads & congestion
 . Pigmentation
 . Minor scar revision
 . Rejuvenation of dull, tired skin
 . Open pores
 . Age revealing hands & feet

Eye Zone Wrap - 15min $10
Great pick me up for the tired,  puffy & dehydrated eye area. This is a lovely add-on treatment
Ear Candling - 45min $35
Cleanses the ears, clears the sinuses as well as restoring your inner balance
Seasonal Renewal Face & Body - 90min $80
Beautiful balancing facial and body massage treatment from head to toe
Essential Back Treatment - 45min $35
Facial for the back, great for problem skin
Seasonal Beauty Serenity Massage  
30min $30
60min $55
90min $75
Pregnancy Massage - 60min $55
Neti Massage - 45min $40
Aromatic steam inhalation using facial massage techniques that are effective in easing tension & sinus congestion while boosting immunity
Detox Mud Wrap - 60min $65
This treatment awakens the body, triggering the detoxifying & toning process. Great for weight loss, relieving aches & pains & general relaxation. Body is exfoliated & then wrapped using sea mud
Customised Body Masque - 60min $65 
This calming & soothing wrap is used for hydrating & detoxifying your body Body is exfoliated & then wrapped in a body masque, very relaxing
Sea Salt Body Glow Exfoliation - 45min $40
Hot oil & sea salt is great for exfoliating dead skin & kickstarting sluggish circulation, leaving your skin with a radiant glow
Body Exfoliation & Tan - 45min $55
Special Occasion? Or simply after the sun kissed glow? 
Let me give you an all over even tan without the harmful UV rays!
Mini Mani - 30min $30
Soak, elimination of cuticles, file, buff & polish
Seasonal Spa Mani - 60min $42
Soak, exfoliation, massage, masque (wrapped in hot towels), elimination of cuticles, file, buff & polish
Mini Pedi - 30min $30
Soak ,exfoliation, elimination of cuticles, file, buff & polish
Seasonal Spa Pedicure - 60min $42
Soak, exfoliation, massage, masque (wrapped in hot towels), elimination of cuticles, file, buff & polish
 $7 extra for French Polish

Any package can be made to suit your needs. Choose any treatments & receive 10% off total price if over two hours
Eyebrow -  $14
Lip or Chin -  $9
Sides of face - $10
Face Wax -  $31
inc sides of face, eyebrows, lip & chin
1/2 Arm -  $17
Full Arm -  $22
Underarm -  $12
Standard Bikini -  $15
G-String -  $20
Brazilian -  $37, or $42 after 4-6 weeks
1/2 Leg -  $29
3/4 Leg -  $33
Full Leg-  $39
Chest Wax- $25
Stomach Wax- $22( chest @ stomach duo- $42)
Back Wax- $37
Back, Chest & Stomach- $72
Eyelash -  $12
Eyebrow -  $10
Complete Eyes  -  $30
          inc eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and wax
 Spray Solution - $30
Made of naturally derived ingredients, Tuscan Tan Original Solution mimics naturally tanned skin tones with 100% accuracy as it contains Violet-Tone Complex.  This has been formulated to counteract the yellow/orange undertones commonly seen in alternative spray tan brands.  DEVELOPMENT TIME: 8 Hours

 Last's 7 to 10 Days before gradually & evenly fading
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